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We built DiVinciPay with Active World Club so businesses both large and small can now harness the power of crypto.  Gone are the days of waiting for profits to post to their account.  Our platform pays in real-time, allowing a business to manage their own wallet, holding the tokens in like-kind or converting them to fiat…the choice is 100% theirs.

Our set up process is simple and takes less than five minutes to complete.  To learn more about our platform, please select the category that best fits your needs from the options above.

CLICK HERE To View Our Portfolio


Our Einstein platform was designed to offer clients a multitude of valuable services, including front end web design, smart contract development, Web3 integration, mobile app design (compatible with iTunes and Google Play), database design, and a portfolio of bot automation applications.  

Bot Logic will work with a client’s Dev team to develop leading technology that will best support their brand.

Mad Hatter Society

Bot Logic Labs, in connection with Active World Club, implements a Direct-to-Consumer marketing model to capture potential customer accounts. As of November 2022, our database has amassed over 489 million highly qualified records, including: full name, physical address, email address, telephone, social media accounts, DOB, ethnicity, IP Address, referral source, investment portfolio, investment risk, hobbies, own/rent, annual income, debt-to-equity score, and where legally available, personal credit information.

On average, commercial email campaigns have a 1% -5% open ratio, which typically results in a 5% click through. Conversely, Bot Logic Labs achieves a ratio of 19-35% while continually exceeding a click through of 40%.  We feel strongly that it’s best to cultivate and capture quality consumer files, that can turn into revenue generating customers, as opposed to amassing a database of irrelevant leads.

Use Technology To Enhance Your Project, Not Replace It.

We have learned there is no “one-size-fits-all” model, when developing and implementing a technology plan and marketing strategy, for a project.  Through trial and error, we have created a blueprint that dispatches a library of data scraping bots, constantly combing websites and social media, for current and accurate information to populate targeted lists.

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