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Our Einstein Development Team is confident that there is nothing we can't do with Tech.

Our primary focus is to roll out our Web3 DiVinciPay platform to the US samll business community. As DiVinciPay grows, crypto can become a widely adopted method of payment for goods and services.  Unlike most developers in the crypto workspace, we believe that crypto is not a replacement to current e-commerce platforms but an enhancement that allows companies a larger audience to market to and more payment options for this audience.  71% of small businesses in the US have a website, of that , 74% of them do not offer an e-commerce solution.  Our target audience is this group of businesses. 


Our team of developers can work with any front end framework. We are proficient in python based middle-ware and back end coding. Once a client shopping cart is designed, we will incorporate our DiVinciPay platform to enhance the customers opportunity to increase their audience of qualified buyers.  Our platform is tested and secure and ensures that all tokens are held in the customers wallet at all times.

Depending on the size and scope of the client project, we have the in-house capability to create dApps, mobile apps and web apps to elevate the overall customer experience.

Web3 development is the foundation for a successful project.

With the recent bankruptcies of 3 Arrows Capital, Voyager and FTX, we determined the best way to survive this frigged crypto winter is to make sure tokens have a retail utility and brick and mortar business begin adopting micro-tokens as a form of payment for their goods and services.

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