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We developed MADHAT to be the marketing aggregator for Web3 projects

"If you build it, they will come" is a great line from the movie Field of Dreams, but in the world of tech, that is not completely true.  In order to get people to come to a project site, they need to be told that the site exist and that there are products on the site that they want to buy. Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on pretty looking websites but they get discouraged and deem the project a failure because the site is not driving sales. They only had half of the equation and in order to have a successful project, they need 100% of the components working together, in order for the project to have a fighting chance.

Our Mad Hatter marketing team is dedicated to a projects success. We have the necessary tools needed to get a project in front of the target audience to help ensure a project success.

Marketing should enhance a project exposure which in turn should increase project sales.  We structure our marketing agreements around success.  Your success is our success so lets maximize it.


  • Targeted Data Scraping Bots (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Message Boards)

    • USER ID

    • Username

    • Full Name

    • Phone

    • Email Address

    • Business Account (True/False)

    • Category

    • City

    • Zipcode

    • External URL

    • Followers

    • Following

    • BIO

  • Bulk Email Marketing

  • Bulk Social Media Marketing

  • Mad Hatter Mystery Box (custom raffles and random giveaways)

  • Global Media (Print, Radio and TV)

  • Shareholders List Data Population Bot

  • Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Avalanche wallet Data Population Bot

  • Bulk NFT drops to Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Avalanche wallets

Data is the key to a projects long term success.

On average, marketing campaigns return a 1% open ratio and click through of 1%.  Conversely, Mad Hatter achieves a ratio of 5-10% while continually exceeding a click through rate of 38%.

We also build data scraping bots the comb the internet for the best leads to fit a projects target audience.  These bots continue to run in the background of our applications to ensure we acquire the freshest data.

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