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The Process

What sets us apart is the quality of our work and the speed in which we bring a Partner Project to market.

Our Data

Bot Logic Labs implements a Direct-to-Consumer marketing model to capture potential customer accounts. As of May 2021, our database has amassed over 419 million records. These highly profitable contacts include full name, physical address, email address, telephone, social media, DOB, ethnicity, IP Address, referral source, investment portfolio, investment risk, hobbies, own/rent, annual income, debt-to-equity score and where legally available, personal credit information.


On average, commercial email campaigns have a 1% -5% open ratio, which typically results in a 5% click through. Conversely, Bot Logic Labs achieves a ratio of 19-35% while continually exceeding a click through of 40%.  We feel strongly that it’s best to cultivate and capture quality consumer files, that can turn into revenue generating customers, as opposed to amassing a database of irrelevant leads.    

We offer our clients and partners a suite of traditional programming services and a robust portfolio of proprietary out-of-the-box enterprise solutions.   We specialize in both fixed price and performance based marketing campaigns that currently benefit from higher than average conversion rates because we have integrated machine learning and Bot automation to achieve success for each unique project we bring to market.


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