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Bot Logic Labs offers a multitude of services including web, app, and database design.  When paired with our Direct-to-Consumer algorithm, and combined with our proprietary digital network access (DNA), our clients realize a much higher success rate through our cutting edge targeted marketing.


On average, marketing campaigns return a 1% open ratio and post a click through of 1%.  Conversely, Bot Logic Labs achieves a ratio of 5-10% while continually exceeding a click through of 38%.  We feel strongly that it’s best to cultivate and capture quality consumer files, that can turn into revenue generating customers, as opposed to amassing a database of irrelevant leads.    


Build and bring best in class applications to the market, in order to meet specific demands and needs of the consumer.


Our applications and services are built for local, regional, national, and international expansion.

Our "Four E"  Methodology


When building our modeling, we set out to achieve the industry standard of 1% over 1%.  We in fact are currently averaging a 5% open ratio paired with a 38% conversion rate.


We strive to be first to market with our applications, while being the benchmark for future competition.

What Sets Us Apart

Unprecedented Velocity.
Impeccable Reliability.

Bot Logic Labs has established a reputation for building disruption within the industries we`ve identified as emerging opportunities. This disruption opens up new revenue streams for projects that have limited budgets or have been forced to bootstrap initial operations.  Since bootstrapping operating costs oftentimes leads to project failure, we have designed our internal modeling to identify these opportunities before they fail.  Provided the project meets with our proprietary criteria, we will provide the project funding, technology development, and product marketing to achieve the project's success.

(see details under the Partner Projects section)

We offer our clients and partners a suite of traditional programming services and a robust portfolio of proprietary, out-of-the-box enterprise solutions.  Specializing in both fixed price and performance based marketing campaigns ensures all of our customers will be able to find the perfect solution to elevate their business.


Through our integrated machine learning and Bot automation, we are able to achieve success for each unique project we bring to market.


In-House Projects are products and or services that we develop, fund, market and manage. For each project, we build a team of in-house professionals that focus solely on sales, marketing and customer acquisition. This specific agenda is paramount to the projects success as it removes technology design and development, which allows each team to focus exclusively on building project sales.


Partner Projects are applications and or services that Bot Logic Labs has identified as viable public opportunities.  These projects often have a minimal operating budget but a marketable product and or service within a niche industry and the staff to support the product upon its roll out.  In cases where management is not available, Bot Logic Labs will identify and engage managerial staff, while providing technology development  and product marketing to complete the project.  In both situations, for our services, we negotiate an ownership split of the application that includes equitable distribution of gross revenue in the project.

Bot Logic Labs is actively seeking Partner Projects to add to our diversified portfolio.  If you would like to have your app or service considered for submission, please click the Submit Your App button below and one of our team members will contact you within 2 business days.

Please provide any demos, links and beta applications for our consideration.

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