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Merging Real World Business With New World Technology

About Bot Logic Labs

Bot Logic Labs was created when a group of financial professionals and tech developers merged their passions and expertise to come up with the next generation of Web3 applications.

The Bot Logic Labs team helps individuals and companies expertly facilitate the WIX website design process.  Our Velo Certified developers will help bring your site design ideas to fruition through WIX front end development, python custom code, and Web3 integration with DiVinviPay.
Built on the Ethereum Network, our
DivinciPay Crypto Checkout is the first of its kind, allowing your WIX customers the opportunity to purchase products on your WIX store, using hundreds of ERC-20  micro token options.  Designed as a plug-in to existing WIX checkouts, DivinciPay allows vendors to reach a broader audience by marketing to wallet holders of each token used in the DivinciPay checkout.
When paired with our
Mad Hatter data scraping algorithm, and combined with our blockchain marketing, clients realize a much higher success rate through our cutting edge Direct-to-Consumer and Direct-to-Wallet NFT deployment strategy.


  • We understand that every business is unique and a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not lend itself to a successful project.

  • We believe that Web3 technology will enhance existing businesses by allowing them to reach more customers via increased payment options.  

  • We build demos for our customers, to allow for real world assessment, prior to entering into a long term DeFi agreement.

Botz Tokenomics

Our Process

Project Demo

Be it an existing project, or brand new, we will develop a demo for your review, prior to any long term technology commitment being made.


Once the project is complete, we will map out an ongoing marketing campaign that will consist of bulk mail marketing, global media & social media bots, and include print, radio and TV exposure.

Project Approval

Upon Project Demo approval, we will generate an invoice that clearly outlines the scope of work to be performed, the timeline for completion, and define any ongoing fees.

Your Success Is Our Success…Let’s Maximize It!

Our ongoing business development will help drive your project sales.  Each of the campaigns we manage are unique, requiring a fluid sales plan that can pivot when market conditions change.

We Take Pride In Our Numbers


Years Of Experience



Mobile Apps Designed


Websites Desiged


In-House Applications


Total Database Size


Are You Ready To Accelerate Your Business?

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