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Partner Application Projects

We are actively searching for Partner Projects in the following sectors: Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Financial Services, Financial Data, Automotive, Aviation, Communications, Pier to Pier Wagering and Logistics.


We will consider projects in other industries, provided the projects have a defined business plan and fit our DTC model.

DTC Database Marketing

Each project requires a unique marketing plan to bring the product to fruition.  Using our internal data, we build specific targeted marketing lists with an ongoing  strategy.  This allows us to build new customer retention for the project and beyond.

Bot Development and Implementation

Once we define the Partner Project and identify our DTC strategy, we implement a schedule of data scraping, discord, and auto complete bots.  By using this approach we ensure the Partner Project is in front of as many targeted consumers as possible, which reduces overhead and increases profitability for the project.

Customer Acquisition and Merchant Management

Finally, after rolling out our customer retention and unified marketing bots, we ensure the Partner Project has the required tools to monetize the application.  This includes payment gateways and virtual API's as well as bulk email marketing and social media discord bots.

Data Is Key

We have learned that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for marketing products and services.  Through trial and error, we have developed a library of data scraping bots that are constantly combing websites and social media, for current and accurate information to populate targeted lists.  We further validate the captured data, by testing it via 3rd party applications for accuracy, prior to implementing our campaign vision.