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The DivinciPay platform is designed with two specific tasks in mind. 

Creating Utility:  With the recent attacks by the SEC on the crypto industry, we will assist Ethereum based tokens in quickly creating utility for their ecosystem, without the need for developing time consuming

As the DiVinciPay network grows, Ethereum based tokens on the platform will have the opportunity to grow their wallet holders, as well.

Also, by participating in the DiVinciPay network, tokens will be able to offer their existing wallet holders’ utility, with real world products and services, that will not force market selling to make money.

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The second function allows businesses, that already have an online presence, to enhance their checkout by introducing crypto as payment method.   

DivinciPay platform offers an unlimited number of ERC-20 token options that can be accepted during checkout. Businesses that use DivinciPay have the choice of which ERC-20 tokens they would like to accept, or Bot Logic can create a token specific to their platform.  The key benefit to using DivinciPay is, unlike traditional merchant accounts, the business immediately receives the funds when the sale is complete.


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Utility is key to the success of crypto.

With the recent bankruptcies of 3 Arrows Capital, Voyager and FTX, we determined the best way to survive this frigged crypto winter is to make sure tokens have a retail utility and brick and mortar business begin adopting micro-tokens as a form of payment for their goods and services.

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